Tuesday, January 15, 2013

5 Great Cabernet Sauvignons

(Credit: Annefield Vineyards)
Back by popular demand!  I heard you loud and clear after my first post and have decided to ignore my own made-up rule of alternating between red and white wines.  Instead, I am throwing caution to the wind by going right back to reds - featured in this post: Cabernet Sauvignons.

Maipe Cabernet
Maipe (Total Wine)
My first choice when it comes to Cabs is Maipe from Argentina. It runs $9.99 at Total Wine and is a very approachable wine but it can still hold its own with a nice steak.

Idea to try: I found this blog which did something that sounds like fun.  They did a group blind tasting of Cabernet Sauvignons.  They each made comments and rated them before the big reveal of what they were drinking - and if you think the wines on my blog are a deal, you'll love their price points.

Chateau Ste Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon

Chateau Ste. Michelle ($10.97)
Chateau Ste. Michelle comes to the rescue again! Out of Washington State, it received 90 points from Wine Enthusiast and is available at Total Wine.  

Waterbrook Cabernet Sauvignon

Waterbrook ($12.99)
90 points from Wine Spectator, Waterbrook is another great Washington State wine and is also available at Total Wine.

Sagelands Cabernet

Sagelands ($14)
Cherries, vanilla and chocolate - need I say more? This Washington State Cab is on the upper-end for this blog but hopefully you'll agree that it belongs here. Find it at Total Wine. 

Main Street Cabernet (Trinchero)

Honorable Mention:
Main Street ($9.49)

Available at Total Wine, Main Street is 92% Cab and 8% Petite Sirah (close enough, right?) and is out of California.

On wine glasses: I know people may be skeptical, but I am a big believer that the type of wine glass you use makes a huge difference in how the wine tastes. The shape of the glass and the size of the opening change both the nose and the where the wine hits on the tongue.  Take the same wine in two different types of wine glasses and there is a difference.

I have five types of wine glasses which cover most varietals. I went with Riedel's Vinum series, but it depends on what your personal preferences are.  Whatever your needs, I guarantee that if you treat yourself to a quality wine glass, you won't regret it.



  1. Cherries, vanilla & chocolate? Yes, please! And who knew that the wine glass could make the wine?! I only have one kind of glass, but I'm sure I could make a case for buying some more.

    1. I think if you start with the glass for the wine you drink the most of, it's a good way to try it out! You can pick them up on Amazon or at some wholesale clubs.

  2. If you're buying a set of wine glasses for a friend's wedding, which kind would you suggest? Something all purpose?

    1. It depends on what wines they prefer, but for reds a great option is probably either the Bordeaux (http://www.riedel.com/collections/glass-collections/d/vinum/bordeaux) or the Burgundy (http://www.riedel.com/collections/glass-collections/d/vinum/burgundy).

      For white wines either the Montrachet Chardonnay (http://www.riedel.com/collections/glass-collections/d/vinum/montrachet-chardonnay) or the Sauv Blanc glass (http://www.riedel.com/collections/glass-collections/d/vinum/sauvignon-blanc/).

      You can find the full Riedel Vinum collection here: http://www.riedel.com/collections/glass-collections/l/vinum/

      I hope this helps!

  3. That is extremely interesting that wine glasses could change the taste of a wine. I have never thought about that. I am going to try. Preferably, I love myself a stemless wine glass. I just feel so cool, they're so trendy.

    1. Definitely try it. For instance, try a pinot noir in a wide-mouth chardonnay glass (or any other wine glass, really) and then in a pinot noir glass. The shape of the bowl is supposed to give the pinot aromas the extra surface area they need and and width of the mouth are supposed to get the wine "where it should go" on the tongue. I was a skeptic for a long time, but I did a tasting once and (maybe it was psychosomatic) I could really tell a difference.

  4. I heard something about how 4 oz. of wine before bed may be good for a person's heart. Is there any truth to that?

    1. Yourm, I am going to say "yes" because that is what I *want* the answer to be. ;-)

  5. Great Info Christine. I love this blog! Ping!

    1. Thanks Maura! I am working on my next post - hope you like it!